Welcome to the first legal consultancy firm exclusively dedicated in covering the needs of professional golf players. Inspired by the figure of the Caddy, whose help is very important in the success of any professional player inside the golf course, Legal Caddies will help to achieve that success from outside the golf course.

As you will see herein under, we have divided that help in three areas clearly differentiated but deeply correlated.

The first one: taxes; will solve any issue related to tax payment before Spanish authorities, the second one: contracts; will provide you a personalized and high quality service during the negotiation and the drafting of any contract, and the last one but not the least: communication; which will make sure of a widespread publication of your victories and a better organization of your services as golf professor.

The main function of Legal Caddies in your team will be to take care of your legal and communication issues, for you to be able to concentrate in achieving your goals; it is in that way we want to participate in your success.




















Torneo de Navidad 2010»

Legal Caddies sponsoriza el torneo de Navidad



Legal Caddies gestiona la creación de la nueva Asociación española de jugadores profesionales, profesores y monitores de golf.



Legal Caddies asiste a la creación de la nueva modalidad de golf por equipos.






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